Irina van der Sluijs

Business and Human Rights

'Respecting human rights is now a global standard of expected conduct for all business enterprises wherever they operate' (prof. John Ruggie, UN special representative).

Knowing your human rights risks is becoming a necessity in mainstream business processes. Mazars/ Berenschot International will assess the compliance of your business against human rights indicators and provide opinion based on this assessment. Our approach focuses on:

  • Definition  and  implementation  of  a  human rights  strategy  and  road map at corporate and country levels
  • Implementation of tools for controlling and measuring the risks of non compliance matters relating to human rights
  • Definition of applicable standards and guidelines intended to engage your partners (ethical charter, supplier code of conduct, etc.)
  • Definition and implementation of assurance plans to make sure that indicators / benchmarks are correctly implemented

Mazars won the 2012 IAB innovation award for its Human Rights Audit.