Irina van der Sluijs

the Power Podcast

Putting Power to Practice

In the Power Podcast I will interview role models who put their power to practice. Positive power, that is. Power for good. Forces of power who inspire all of us to stand firm in our truths and be change makers, inside or out and in whichever way. Who live from their true self. I am convinced that if we all better understand why we are here in our lifetime, what our soul purpose is, positive and creative solutions will be found to current crises. And not only that, we would also shift our perspective on power. We have such a narrow view now: 'abuse of position of power, physical power, power of money, power play'. Power is SO much more. It has a Yin side, the soft power of feminine qualities to know, nurture and support, a Yang side to have us take action, charge and achieve our goals. Most of all, when we tap into our own personal power treasure, we feel empowered as human beings to go do our thing. We can start to relax and embody our body on earth, in every moment. Yoga provides a map to your personal power treasure hunt.

The Power of Practice

Yoga in all its ways, shapes and forms, is a beautiful modality to go inward. Now more than ever we welcom time and space to retreat. Things are moving ever so fast. And it seems we are being asked to integrate profound changes at lightning speed. Embracing a regular yoga practice, ideally combined with breathing exercises and meditation, has proven to be beneficial for ourselves and communities we are part of. Practice will help us feel vibrant and alive, grounded, stable and centered and its effects will be infectious. There is more clarity of mind when we learn to take some distance from sticky patterns of conditioning. We can even transform some of these thought patterns and experience a true shift for growth. Broadening our bandwidth to include all of the humanness inside and around us, with genuine compassion and wise responsiveness, is the invitation for those on a spiritual path. We are thus inclined to make better decisions for our health and wellbeing and that of the world around us. Particularly if we apply some of the ethical guidelines that precede our asana practice. It is truly a most wonderful path for those of us who have the courage to go inside, to soften and mature.

The path is not always a smooth ride, it is not for the faint-hearted. We will meet internal parts inside of us that might have been hurt and hidden for already a long time. Patience is being called for to attend to the resistance, tension, the physical and the emotional. To re-parent the inner children that were ever so affected by our family, cultural and gender-specific conditioning. But it is essential to go through these rough patches, to not bypass or suppress more of our inner needs and put up a fake social mask. Yoga is not about an artificial state of love and light, we can get in to some deep dark corners of our inside. So, it is crucial to keep the faith and know why you do it, why you are willing to go there, to self -investigate and to consciously shed stuff you really do not need anymore. It can shake your sense of safety to the core, alienate family members or friends, and make you leave jobs, countries and relationships without having a clear idea of what the future holds. These journeys are very personal, some of us experience more intensity and shifts inside without too much happening in the external environment, others more the other way around or a bit of both. The key here is to find your truth, and bring personal uniqueness into your family, jobs and relationships. To upgrade your role as a parent, a sibling, friend, employer or employee, colleague, teacher or student.  But most of all, to make you make peace with yourself so you can finally start to live.