Irina van der Sluijs

Wage Research in Bangladesh

Report now available - see pdf.

As a follow-up to the Round Table on Living Wage in Bangladesh last 22nd May the Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka decided to fund a research project executed by Dutch consultancy Berenschot, the Centre for Policy Dialogue in Dhaka, and Professor Doug Miller of Northumbria University.

Different stakeholders appreciate an independent calculation of a living wage in the garment sector, as an input to their further discussions on the issue, as well as to the discussions that are currently taking place in the Minimum Wage Board for the RMG sector in Bangladesh. 

Expected outcomes of this project: 

a) an independent calculation of a living wage based on a robust  methodology 

b) a snapshot of the 'prevailing wage' in the RMG sector

c) an assessment of the gap between a and b

d) a calibration of prevailing and living wage figures against existing national and international benchmarks. 

The purpose is to produce a clearly presented and transparent research report that will be accessible by the Minimum Wage Board, government, employers, unions, and brands/retailers.