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yoga for me is about growing your sovereignty. I teach a homegrown method 'yoga for sovereignty' that organically developed over the course of twentyplus years of experience in astanga yoga, yin yoga and mindfulness, sprinkled with a good dose of life experience. having grown up in circumstances where a solid material base did provide for basic needs and educational endevours but not always for my searching heart, life put me on a growth path to explore the emotional realm, its healthy expression and deeper yearnings. 

In the snippets below, I share more about my approach to teaching and the experience I gathered in yoga, do feel free to wander the pages on this website to see what resonates – should you feel curious to learn more, I am here for private classes, virtual and in person in The Netherlands, or you can catch me at Delight yoga studio in The Hague.

aside from teaching yoga I have a corporate calling in sustainable finance and business, an environment that challenges me to grow sovereignty in communion every single day. I work for a global bank where diversity and inclusion are key, I have been blessed with getting to know many different people, countries and cultures over the years, so I invite you to be you.

yoga for sovereignty

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yoga path (3) - yin yoga & mindfulness

Yoga path (2) - Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga path (1) - Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga path (3) - Astanga

Yoga path (2) - Astanga

Yoga path (1) - Astanga