Irina van der Sluijs

yoga for sovereignty

in teaching my homegrown method 'yoga for sovereignty' I intend to raise awareness for and cultivate your own inner wisdom, so you can live from your truth. I strongly believe that if we all would live more from our own sacred truths, we would invite ease and flow in relationship and manifest more of our calling here on earth. for you to tap into that precious fountain of intuitive knowing, usually some unlearning has to be done first. simply because most of us have developed patterns over the years to survive and perform in modern day living, with its fast pace, numerous distractions and virtual realities. so an important element in my method is self retreating. the only way we can hear ourselves is to grow used to being with ourselves. when you start to be comfortable around stillness, the subtle realm of your being will come to the forefront. and there is where I will guide you in yoga poses and breathing practices for inner purification. this stage in ' yoga for sovereignty' can be a risky one, as you will not only experience bliss, tranquility and peace of mind, but also possibly meet parts that have been in hiding for quite a while. the one cannot go without the other. this element of my method I call 'get real'. in the sense that we have to be brave enough to see, feel and transform our hardened shells around inner vulnerabilities. this is easier said than done. you may be surprised as to how damaging your inner self chatter, criticism and complaints can be for yourself and others around you. so here we will land on the need to forgive, emote and share. I am here to hold space for that, and to coach you into a bespoke, continued self practice to integrate into your life. this practice will include elements of yin and yang yoga, breating exercises and meditation techniques. You will not be alone with self practice, as we will continue to check in on a regular basis. and let's not forget the most important step for real integration into your life: share with your loved ones what you are experiencing and voice your needs so those around you will also feel safe to share their inner most wishes for growth and purposeful living.