Irina van der Sluijs

Yoga path (1) - Yin Yoga & Mindfulness

I have always felt a deep longing for exploring consciousness. I used to sit in silence in the church of my hometown and felt at ease in the surrounding nature with animal life. Later on it was in dance where I experienced the freedom and endless space. When I first entered a Mysore room, back in 2003, I felt a deep connection to the practise and Astanga Vinyasa Yoga became my companion, in good times and in bad.

 Good and bad, heaven and earth; our existence is by nature bi-polar. It therefor didn’t take long before Yin Yoga crossed my path. This gentle form of yoga nurtures and heals on a deep level, I've experienced. Being softer, more feminine and inward looking. Taking time in postures to feel subtle levels, to train the mind and just be with the breath.

Slowly my daily practise has become more integral to my needs on all levels, mind, body and heart. I feel blessed with the teaching of Sarah Powers who combines yin & yang postural work, Buddhist mind training and Western psychology. I joined her Insight Yoga Institute this year (2016) and look forward to the rich programme it offers; loving the support of this international community and guidance of my mentor.

After spending a week in silence in Wales with Sarah and Ty meditation practice has again developed and deepened. How much is there to hear in silence - how soothing to bathe in silence - how hard at times to be with yourself. We were so well guided by our teachers, a safe environment to delve into mind space. And Buckland Hall treated us with delightful dishes, a veggie sheaper's pie is still on my mind.

2017 started with a different focus: anatomy TT (50 hrs) with Anat Geiger and Marcel vand er Vlis, Paul Grilley-style. Kind of cool to get a deeper look into bones, muscles and fascia.