Irina van der Sluijs

Yoga path (2) - Astanga

Goa, India with Petri Räisänen, earlier this year, what a (re)treat it was at Purple Valley. You guided me gently to the next level..introducing softness into my practice. That opened up a whole new perspective, I feel the journey starts anew..I found the art of yoga, the beauty and grace of it. You inspired me to try healing techniques, inhibition and effortlessness in movement. In the Ashtanga world this is needed more than ever; things are starting to harden which is not a direction I'd like to take. Patanjali yoga is what you teach, emphasizing all the limbs, focussing on meditative qualities in the practice from the start. You are a connector of East and West because you realise what works in which culture best. In our side of the world there is enough strictness and stiffness, no harsness needed. I resonate with this intelligence that you bring to the Ashtanga path. This retreat was only the beginning, I am eager to learn more ..of how to do less :)

Started the Astanga Yoga Intensive Training (200 hrs Teacher Training) in Eindhoven this year.. with the wonderful Ashtangi Claudia Pradella and others. Very excited to go deeper into the practise and see what comes up, where it leads me..

Namaste Ken the Rolfer for letting us feel core, makes all the difference.

Petri, Wambui and Fredrik wonderful to meet again in Copenhagen, thanks for picking up so fluently where we left.

Om nam ganapataye namaha: Eddie Stern you are a rare teacher who inspires on so many levels. The puja experience I'll never forget, I bathed in sacred Sanskrit, in awe of your mantra chanting. Such intelligence and purity. Thanks for visiting Amsterdam for the first time. All the best with your important educational work in the States. Bringing yoga to schools and to everyone. 

Luke Jordan, you make us laugh! Thanks for teaching us second series and everything we wanted to know about philosophy and Ramayana - I loved that film Sita sings the Blues.

Govinda Kai, summer time never felt so intense. Quite the ride, and thanks also for the lively Kirtan and your inspiring words - see you again soon at Delight

Amazing adjustments from Jurre Twijnstra @ Delight Den Haag - thanks for helping me find space in kapotasana - ouf.

2016 started off with a three week retreat on Koh Mak island joining Petri and Wambui again, practising my tapah, studying with Mans and dedication to Lord Surya. Back in Holland with Govinda at Delight The Hague.