Irina van der Sluijs

Gluten Free Goddess

People seem to be getting  more and more gluten intolerant these days. Whether this is just another health trend or a serious sign of what is wrong with our food industry, I don’t know.

What I do know is that baking delicious gluten free cakes and desserts is my new hobby. I am not intolerant to the protein, no, I just love trying new, organic recipes. And that is what I found on Gluten Free Goddess Karina's food blog!

Her coeliac disease (serious intolerance to gliadin, a specific gluten protein) has inspired her to create the most lovely dishes. She shares her recipes, inner thoughts and funny stories on her blog which is such a pleasure to read and makes baking even more fun.

See for yourself:

My first and favorite creation: the chocolate chip cookies. Merci,  Anne - from yoga – who generously shared these cookies after practice one Sunday morning.

Which gets me thinking: Why do recipes passed on by friends or family always taste better? There is a special something about that – no matter how much time passes, I always remember a name and place with a homemade dish.  

Bon appétit.