Irina van der Sluijs

Honoré des Prés

My love gave me beautiful birthday presents, perfumes from Honoré des Prés, with the exciting names Chaman’s Party and Bonté’s Bloom.

I had heard of maker Olivia Giacobetti, she previously worked for brands such as Diptyque. So very pleasantly surprised I was when I learned that she gave birth to the eco perfums. It bothered me for some time that, while I love wearing perfume, I do not like spraying all the chemicals on my skin.

Her natural extracts I wear without a worry and they are truly a discovery – there is nothing that comes close to it.There is vetiver root from Haiti, holy basil from Egypt, cloves from Madagascar and my absolute favourite, the ‘crown made of sunflowers’ with Indian flours (tulasi, lotus?), blue chamomile from Morocco, sage and a drop of orris oil.

Pure aroma therapy.