Irina van der Sluijs

Better Work Bangladesh

Link to opinion article in Dutch FT (English)

Multi-stakeholder process on wages in the Ready Made Garment sector in Bangladesh - hosting a Round table in Dhaka on 22 May

Wages are increasingly being discussed in the context of implementing social standards in international supply chains. Living wage has become a core issue in various campaigns and political agendas at European and international level.

Bangladesh, the second largest exporter of garments in the world, has in this regard been in the focus of media attention. And European brands and retailers in the garment sector are called more and more co-responsible for the implementation of living wages in low and middle income countries.

The wage question is not an easy one – as it for example touches upon pricing and competitiveness - and involves different stakeholders with different interests. In the light of these challenges connected to the realisation of living wages, it is important to bundle the strengths of all stakeholders. Therefore we are setting up a multi-stakeholder process on living wage in the RMG sector in Bangladesh.