Irina van der Sluijs

Yin Yang

if students ask me what type of yoga they need to do, my answer will never be the same. in fact, I will ask them a question in return: what do YOU think you need? is your life, or a part of it, does it feel at this moment a little stale, stagnant and sedentary? go for some action, get your body moving in Yang yoga - astanga, vinyasa flow, for example, or take up dancing classes, running or brisk walking. does your life, or part of it, feels too hectic, exhausting and frantic, slow down in Yin yoga, restorative yoga, or give yourself permission to get in a full eight hours night's sleep! (and repeat). In my Yin Yang yoga classes I will balance out the two and give you time to explore where you may be out of balance. it is a lovely 1,5 hour class at Delight Yoga in The Hague to enjoy Sunday afternoons. catch you there.